Sahaja Yoga Event Report

Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

You are all seekers; you are looking for something that will bring harmony and peace inside. What we need throughout the world is the kind of transformation which you have already gone through. This message of Sahaja Yoga needs to be spread around the world because we need a better world if we have to survive as human beings. (1985-06-30)

You can find below the report of a Sahaja Yoga event. Kindly help and participate in spreading Her message and work in whichever way you can.

People have tried to spread their religion by showing compassion to poor people, looking after the poor people, handicapped people. There’s no need, actually, for Sahaj Yogis to do that. What they have to do is to transform other people. Find out ways and methods how you can transform, how you can spread the message of Adi Shakti. Put your mind to it and you will know how you can manage it. There should be all the time a compelling desire that we have to find out methods by which we can spread Sahaj Yoga. Otherwise it’s like what Christ has described: that some seed fell on the marshy land and they sprouted, but never grew. You can only grow in the real sense of the word and become something very, very special and real, by knowing what you can do.

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Chaitanya Rath Tour, report from North Eastern part of India: June - July, 2022

Chaitanya Rath (meaning the chariot of vibrations) is an unique initiative by Indian collective where exhibition vans, fully equipped with Sahaja materials and required arrangements to conduct self realization programs, traverse all corners of the country.

And wherever it visits, everyone in that collective joins hands to welcome it, they do parades, sing songs in Her praise and roam the city to announce arrival of Her Holiness in their area - and they invite everyone to come and take their self-realization without miss.

Their devotion and joy touches every heart, at times it feels like Mother Herself has gone there, in Her Sakar form. Here comes one report with picture and videos shared by visiting yogies from this year's tour in Himalayan territory of North-East India.

A video clip on the rally in one of those events - the collective joy can be felt as overflowing:

A report from one visiting yogi during the tour
It was a memorable Realization drive from Siliguri in North Bengal to Jorthang in Sikkim.

The realization tour had been a memorable and joyful journey inspite of red alerts of heavy downpours. At this point of time rains have been creating havoc in Northeastern part of our country. Several homes have been marooned and several casualties reported on road. Especially the hilly terrains had extra special attention of collapses, landslides and mishaps while roads cracked up creating gorges on way.

Coincidently one may guess what was the outcome of our realization tour ! As the rally progressed with visible presence of Shri Mataji sitted in the Chaitanya Rath being escorted by yuva shakti and yogis from Siliguri collective even the rain God and mother nature escorted and ensured us a great care and comfort. It was a hilly journey of around 93 kms one way.

The collectivity of Jorthang was overjoyed welcoming the Chaitanya Rath as it entered jorthang around 6 pm in evening.

As far as realization was concerned. In Jorthang a small hilly district of Sikkim. They have around hundred yogis in collectivity. This drive helped in organizing a rally for the overall awakening of residents of this area. The entire collective is a very well coordinated and a beautiful and cheerful gathering.

Everyone guessed the rains would foil the show. Nevertheless,the climate became very pleasant with intermittent drizzle as the very enthusiastic yuva and yogis joined rally behind a traditional band and danced in joy in praise of Shri Mataji.

At 11:30 around 50 people turned up for the realization alongwith some district authorities who praised Sahaja yoga in her address.

The Chaitanya Rath had to return to Siliguri as the collective in Siliguri was patiently waiting to welcome prior the public programme scheduled.

On return journey however the Rath and accompanying car and bus were stranded for hours on way due to landslide on this hilly and forestry sinuous terrain and tracks.

Showers though had been incessant at times. The sinuous trails of streams fiercely flowed down the tracks almost bifurcating the road on way . However, inspite of all these odds we knew who was escorting and driving us.

By blessings of Shri Mataji our Chaitanya Rath with Shri Mataji in side the vehicle got us all out in hours through most comfortable opportunity and escape.

Did you ever say we were lucky? Answer is ', it was only blessing downpour on us to become Her effective instrument '.

Shri Mataji paved our way forward throughout and sailed us smoothly like a strong boat without any obstacle in front as the train of traffic that crawled up on way infront and back.

It was an experience. Truely by grace of Shri Mataji we had all good times and joyful moments. Inspite of authorities announcing red alert in and around the area from and at back. It was so evidently visible how Shri Ganesha and Shri Hanumana escorted our Chaitanya Rath and two cars and a bus carrying vibrant yogis from Siliguri. The yuva shakti girls and boys had tremendous enthuse and sang all way and enjoyed the rough sail. Transforming the disadvantage situation into a playful advantage. Shri Mataji sent Her gana to be at our side throughout. We all had one thing 'patience' and Shri Mataji with us.

Everyone felt programme scheduled in Siliguri may not take place as throughout the day heavy shower and overcast had halted all activities in the town.

At 6:30 evening the Rath arrived and the rains stopped. Seekers started coming up. Around 40 seekers got their realization until 9 pm evening.

Thank You Shri Mataji for giving us this opportunity to be worthy of being Your instrument in this collective work and mission.

Jai Shri Mataji

Rally in Duars with simple hearted people of the mountain - followed by Self-Realization programs in Tea-Estates:

Several rallys in different parts of north eastern region were also covered well by local media and TV channels. The sight of presence of numerous yogies on the streets, singing praise of the Holy Mother and giving realiztion to everyone all over, moved many and marked a great impact to the minds and hearts of many pure souls of those localities. All could feel the immense love within.

TV Report In Janpath Samachar, Sikkim

The tour and the very effects thouched every heart, those of the yogies and also those who got their self-realization. Yogies who joined, expressed gratitude from bottom of their hearts towards Shri Mataji, thanking Her again and again, for allowing them to be a part of so many transforming and miraculous events. Some expressed that they could literally experience Her presence all over, Her omnipresent nature - going much beyond than a picture on altar. What an amaging experience in one's lifetime!

May Her blessings allow all sahaja yogis to reach out to true seekers in every corner of the globe, and help pure souls to get transformed.