Sahaja Yoga Event Report

Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

You are all seekers; you are looking for something that will bring harmony and peace inside. What we need throughout the world is the kind of transformation which you have already gone through. This message of Sahaja Yoga needs to be spread around the world because we need a better world if we have to survive as human beings. (1985-06-30)

You can find below the report of a Sahaja Yoga event. Kindly help and participate in spreading Her message and work in whichever way you can.

People have tried to spread their religion by showing compassion to poor people, looking after the poor people, handicapped people. There’s no need, actually, for Sahaj Yogis to do that. What they have to do is to transform other people. Find out ways and methods how you can transform, how you can spread the message of Adi Shakti. Put your mind to it and you will know how you can manage it. There should be all the time a compelling desire that we have to find out methods by which we can spread Sahaj Yoga. Otherwise it’s like what Christ has described: that some seed fell on the marshy land and they sprouted, but never grew. You can only grow in the real sense of the word and become something very, very special and real, by knowing what you can do.

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Kashmir Self Realization Tour, 2022 (March 27th to April 6th)

During the period 27th March to 6th of April, a beautiful group of 20+ Sahaja Yogis from Indian state of Maharashtra visited the Kashmir area to spread the message of love in the valley. Their amazing effort and strong desire enabled many pure souls of Kashmir to enjoy the taste of Miraj and the love of Divine, what all of them valued and cherished. It was truly a great tour with many heart warming experiences for the visitors. And the same gave tremendous joy to others who later learnt about it. To participate in upcoming programs in this initiaitve please contact Pradip Solaskar (+91 84339 96973), Avinash Jadav (+91 98819 02774) or Datta Khaire (+91 97696 54565).

Self Realization program at Looswani, Pulwama, Kashmir (highly sensitive area of Kashmir. The program was conducted at open space of village, and we got almost 45-50 muslim people who got their self realization. It was difficult task for us to explain them in Kashmiri language, by grace of Shri Mataji our bus driver (Gulam uncle), he explained sahajyoga in Islamic way in their Kashmiri language and they all were happy to feel cool vibrations.

Self realization program at Loowani, Pulwama, Kashmir (highly sensitive area of Kashmir). Girls were so happy to see tourist at there small village and they also felt cool vibrations after there self realization.

Self realization program at Primary school, Pulwama, Kashmir. Explained sahajyoga to muslim children as a study exercise and they experienced good vibrations.

Salt treatment at Looswani, Pulwama, Kashmir. Explained salt treatment to muslim people in their Islamic way and she got relief of her leg pain. She was so happy that she gave blessings to all of us by saying: 'Allah aapko khush kismati de aur Allah apko khush rakhe'.

Self realization program at CRPF Battalion Camp, Pulwama, Kashmir. It was good experience for CRPF people as they felt light-hearted after their self realization.

'MEHMAAN NAWAAZI' by a Muslim family at Pulwama, Kashmir. They welcomed us with all love and care. We were overwhelmed with the great hospitality of kashmiri muslim and this is one of the best memories in our journey.

Our group photo with Mohammad Gulzar, Vice President of BJP-Kashmir, and Mohd Ashraf (Maulana and local resident of Kashmir who helped us throughout the journey) and Gulam (our bus driver who was so supportive that he got all the permissions from local authorities for our sahajyoga program). It was difficult task for us to meet vice president of BJP as he was given full security from J&K police, CRPF, and Army, but with the help of Mohd Ashraf and Gulam we got this opportunity to meet Vice President of BJP.

Hawan Pooja at Yatri Niwas, Srinagar. Hawan was performed for the betterment of Kashmir situations and to bring Kashmir in balanced position. With the help of 108 names of Shri Vishnu and 21 names of Shri Mahakali hawan was performed with cool vibrations throughout the hawan.

'Jannat-E-Kashmir' group photo with beautiful people.

Self realization program at CRPF 132 2nd Battalion, Srinagar. We approached Assistant Commander, CRPF for self realization program and he happily gave us permission to conduct sahajyoga program. And after self realization they felt so relaxed and de-stress, that they gave us other pending permissions approval for further scheduled sahajyoga program.

Self realization program at Nishad garden, Dal lake, Srinagar. It was great experience giving self realization to tourist at garden and we got good response from tourist. They all were from different states of India so we were happy that we got seekers from different places of India at one place i.e. Kashmir. They got their self realization at Kashmir tour.

May Her blessings allow all sahaja yogis to reach out to true seekers in every corner of the globe, and help pure souls to get transformed.