Sahaja Yoga Event Report

Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

You are all seekers; you are looking for something that will bring harmony and peace inside. What we need throughout the world is the kind of transformation which you have already gone through. This message of Sahaja Yoga needs to be spread around the world because we need a better world if we have to survive as human beings. (1985-06-30)

You can find below the report of a Sahaja Yoga event. Kindly help and participate in spreading Her message and work in whichever way you can.

People have tried to spread their religion by showing compassion to poor people, looking after the poor people, handicapped people. There’s no need, actually, for Sahaj Yogis to do that. What they have to do is to transform other people. Find out ways and methods how you can transform, how you can spread the message of Adi Shakti. Put your mind to it and you will know how you can manage it. There should be all the time a compelling desire that we have to find out methods by which we can spread Sahaj Yoga. Otherwise it’s like what Christ has described: that some seed fell on the marshy land and they sprouted, but never grew. You can only grow in the real sense of the word and become something very, very special and real, by knowing what you can do.

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Sri Lanka Tour – July 2022

For the period of June 29 to July 18, a group of Sahaja Yogis visited Sri Lanka to give Self-Realization programs through Music and Meditation. In spite of various turmoils at national level during that period, they truly exhibited the strength of love and compassion and shared the blessing of Self-Realization to the simple hearted people of this island nation.

Yogis from several countries joined in these events and tried their level bests to make a mark. It is so heartwarming to witness how Shri Mataji took Her instruments in this country during its time of crisis, to work things out at the level of Vibrations.

Sri Lanka is well connected with majority of the countries of the world, and in case if you want to participate in upcoming programs and events, please reach out to Mrs. Ramany (+1 201 417 2986) from USA.

The events in Sri Lanka were well covered by local Media and TV channels. Below you can find the first Self-Realization program on July 2nd, that was broadcasted live on Television:

There were several self-realization events and other programs in Jaffna city. You can watch below a video on Sahaja Yoga and Sahaja Yogies in DAN TV: 'Then and Now':

Soldiers of The Divine : Sri Lanka Self-Realization Team

Realization Programs in Kandy city and other parts of Sri Lanka.

Videos of few joyful moments of participating yogies while spreading Her message and love

Message from visiting yogies

All the programs in every cities are very successful, means about 100 to 200 seekers attended each program except in Nuwaraeliya (small city and hill station) is about 60 seekers came. Many people showed interest in following up. We could start the follow-ups in Colombo and Jaffna. We haven’t started the follow-ups in other places yet, but under the effort to start. (A message from Mrs. Ramany)

The tour was a great success amid big political and social chaos in the island nation. The message of peace reached out to hundreds of pure souls - Her protection and love only made eveything possible. Everyone could feel Her blessings and the blissful state within.

May Her blessings allow all sahaja yogis to reach out to true seekers in every corner of the globe, and help pure souls to get transformed.